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JeffCoGardens emerged from the Sleeper family and friends’ garden hobby, exploration into an ecosystem unique to the Midwest, and personal passions for food quality, purity, and sustainability.  Housed at the Sleeper family’s historic Caveland home, our gardens take advantage of the cave's constant temperature, abundance of clean groundwater, and high humidity to grow plants that thrive in these conditions year round along with tilapia in an aquaponic system.  As conscientious consumers, we demand - and intend to meet others’ demands for - food produced sustainably, free of chemical pesticides or fertilizers, minimally processed, and delivered very fresh to local retailers and farmers’ markets.

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We grow our gardens naturally, free of any chemical pesticides or fertilizers.  We specialize in heirlooms and insist on non-GMO.

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Blue Tilapia feed our plants and they make a hearty and delicious meal, too!  We chose this breed for its cold-hardiness and its growth efficiency. 

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Jefferson County Gardens is currently preparing plugs for our next harvest of Maitake and Oyster.  Check our Mushroom page for details and availability.

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